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Dugdale Nutrition’s range of DAIRY feeds and complimentary products are all designed and recommended to suit the exact requirements of the cow, whatever her performance level or stage of lactation.

With a range of compounds, blends & meals, the needs of both lactating and dry cows can be met to exacting standards. Whilst our range of other products, including minerals, rumen, buffers and protected fats complement our feeds to further refine the supply of nutrients.

For BEEF production to be a profitable enterprise, it is essential to maximise growth rates, optimise fat class & conformation and minimise health issues and losses.

Dugdale Nutrition has a range of beef diets suitable for all systems, to take animals from calves, through the growing phase and on to finishing. DN beef feeds comprises of compounds, blends and meals, as well as a range of complimentary products to maximise the potential in your animals.


We have teamed up with Allflex and their new on-line ordering system.... just call in or ring us to place a direct order for fast and efficient delivery!

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