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Wild Birds

Wild Bird Feed

Attract a variety of wild birds into your garden with our Premium Complete Feast. Great for enticing birds such as blue tits, dunnocks and starlings and this seed mix is suitable for use all year long.

Wild bird Seed Packed full of nutrients, this mix contains sunflower seeds, , red dari and selected cereals, offering visiting birds a balanced diet to keep them happy whatever the weather. During colder weather birds needs a helping hand with food as naturally occurring wild bird foods are harder to come by. This mix provides any visitors with the energy that they need, and in the summer, particularly during breeding season, the seed mix will always be a welcome treat.

We stock : Mixed Bird Seed, Sunflower Hearts, Black Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts, Niger Seed, Meal Worms & Fat Balls
A selection of Bird Feeders are available

Click on the button for more infomation from 'The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds'


  • We recommend putting table top and hanging feeders in a secluded place, off the ground and away - if possible - from fences and trees to inhibit marauding cats - feeding stations are a good idea if they are constructed as a single thin strong pole with branches because they are generally difficult for cats to climb

  • and make sure water is always available (sorry to preach - we know it's common sense but people do ask!)

  • the areas where birds are fed [excellent idea to have more than one place] really do need to be kept clean - this will stop contamination and infections

  • use a specific wild bird disinfectant and feed little and often - this means the food won’t get left to go mouldy

  • DON’T feed - polyunsaturated margarines / fats, used or stale vegetable oil (if it’s not fit for humans it won’t be fit for birds, chuck it out), milk, desiccated coconut, salted food


  • keep to a feeding time table - they will be expecting you.

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