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Happy Dog

A Settle Country Store branded dog food, our 'Meaty Mix' is very popular for the working dog as well as your pet.

Full of nutrition and great value.....


The Dugdale family launched the WuffitMix range in 1965, leading the field with innovative products and providing premium nutrition for all types of dogs. 

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Golden Retriever
Tinned food & Treats
Chains, Leads & Collars
Bowls, Beds & Coats
Worm & Flea treatment 

Meaty Mix

The Skinners 'Field & Trial' range caters for all dogs, from puppies to working dogs and dogs with more specific dietary needs.

The aim of the nutritional team at Skinner’s is to try and make the world a better place for dogs and their owners by improving health, welfare and the human-dog bond. Their team continually research and apply current nutritional science in both the advice provided and in product review and development.



Go-Cat dry biscuits

Tinned food
Cat Litter
Worm & Flea Treatment
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